Write a letter to your MP

We are on the verge of a disastrous expansion of Australia’s gas industry, will you take ten minutes to write to your local paper about the government’s planned fossil fuel stimulus package? It has come out via senate inquiry that the government is pushing ahead with a plan to invest heavily in Australia’s gas sector. No report or other rationale has been released, but we know the following:

  1. Gas and oil will produce far less jobs than investment in other industries, see: https://www.tai.org.au/sites/default/files/P908%20Gas-fired%20backfire%20%5Bweb%5D.pdf
  2. Gas is a fossil fuel that is often equivalent to, or worse than coal as a greenhouse gas.
  3. Analysis has found that government support and investment in renewables can produce hundreds of thousands of new jobs, see: https://bze.org.au/the-million-jobs-plan/
  4. The chair of the National COVID Coordination Commission (NCCC) that is recommending gas stimulus is himself the director of a gas company and has faced conflict of interest questions.

Call To Action

We are asking that all concerned Quiet Australians send a letter or email to their local paper raising this important issue. Some letter writing tips:- Provide your name, address, email and phone number. – Make your message simple and succinct, around 120 words is ideal as much longer and they are unlikely to publish it. – Proof read your letter or ask someone else to check it for you.

Please comment by selecting the ‘comment’ button below advising who you sent it to!

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