About US

Quiet Australians Stand Up

Advocating for Evidence-Based Climate Action

Who we are

Dr Margot Cunich and Rod Cunich, lawyer. We are professionals, small business owners, grandparents and Wentworth constituents. We have no political affiliations.

We started Quiet Australians Stand Up in January 2020 to represent the groundswell of opinion in Wentworth for stronger climate action.

We organised a silent vigil for climate action outside Dave Sharma MP’s office on the 25th of January 2020 and we were joined by more than 250 others, many of whom, like us, had never attended an event like this before.

We have gained support from thousands of fellow Wentworth constituents, local professionals and business owners. The support is growing every day and we intend to continue organising until we are satisfied with our local representative’s response.

What we want

Mr Sharma, we want you to:

1. Advocate on behalf of Wentworth constituents for evidence-based climate policy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

2. To publicly support a conscience vote on Zali Steggall’s climate bill and vote in favour of the bill.

3. If the government opposes a conscience vote and opposes the bill, to cross the floor in support of the bill.

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